"The Director wanted to portray realism in an emergency situation that was progressing in intensity. When the situation in the movie became extremely critical the MREs from Meal Kit Supply were our first choice food ration solution!”
Mary Arthurs, Prop Master, “Blindness”

“I’ve used them myself on call outs and since June our Emergency Response Team has used them steadily on call outs. We just received a new shipment and will continue to use these meals.”
Commanding Officer Marty Cheliak, RCMP “V” Division Nunavut


“Now let get down to what everyone wants to know “do they taste good” Well take it from me I have eaten almost every MRE and food made for survival and outdoors. And of them all I find these ones to be the best with the great assortment of meals and side dishes these are a joy to eat.”
James Kearns, Canadian Wilderness Survival


“We are always looking for food that is nutritious, requires little or no preparation, and can be consumed hot or cold. Simply put there’s not exactly a lot of people out there who produce a ration that is this well put together for field conditions. Rest assured you’ll be getting more orders from us.”


“Meal Kit Supply Canada’s (MREs) help make it logistically possible to deploy quickly under any conditions while ensuring we provide the nutrition necessary for mental alertness and physical stamina to safeguard the team “
Lance Stephenson, Team Leader, CANTF2-Calgary


“If you’re like me and you want a full meal pack that tastes good will last over 5 years and can be taken anywhere the MREs from Meal Kit Supply Canada are the best.”
James Kearns, Canadian Wilderness Survival


“Going back to the storm of October 2006 most of the town was out of power for an extended period and businesses closed. When we manned the town’s EOC we quickly found we had no access to food. We needed to make arrangements to ensure self sufficiency. Meal Kit Supply Canada’s complete meals provide the solution we were looking for to cover the immediate 24-48 hours.”
J.W. (Jim) Douglas, Fire Chief/CEMC, Town of Fort Erie, ON


“Our proximity to the coast exposes us to a wide variety of climatic risks and means we’re on the job 24/7……….we tested out Meal Kit Supply MREs as a food solution at lunch and learns and the response was overwhelmingly positive, we fell in love with them, they are so complete and have everything in them. The perfect solution for our Emergency Centre.”
Emily Pickrem, Environment Canada, Security Administration Officer


“We were all fascinated by the food and how you could whip up a meal in bag!! Thanks again for being so generous with your time and resources. It really helped people to see what they could stock up on to prepare for an emergency.”
Anne Rutherford, Community Relations Specialist, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston, ON


“Awesome experience every order. Better mre’s then the one’s I’ve had from the states. Great for overnight hiking trips, especially when bears are a problem (no cooking over a fire). It’s extremely quick shipping as well. Thanks M.K.S Canada.”


Great for overnight hiking trips“I purchased these as portable rations for outdoor classes. They are very tasty and easy to use. Keeping in mind that the caloric content is high, you may actually use just one meal pack as an entire day’s rations…these were, after all, designed for the physical exertions of combat. One meal contained over 800 kcals, (low in fat, too) which would comfortably keep you going if you were camping. I consider these as a great bargain for everyone! If used for a full week, remember to stay hydrated as they may “bind you up”. My only complaint was not getting enough of them.”
BrianP, Calgary, Alberta

“Purchased 10 cases of these in store just the other week. Wow! great packaging and great value for the money! The variety included is great, and the caloric content is more than enough to last on for one pouch a day. The food quality isn’t resturant quality, but for what it is, one can’t exactly complain. Defintely a must for campers or those preppers out there! While others are running from the zombie manifestation, You will be safe and sound in your hide out enjoying a bowl of chili and some crackers!”


“My wife and I shared 1 kit for lunch last week while camping and it tasted excellent. It was very convenient, the flameless ration heater worked very well and the meal kit has more than enough calories for two people to share a meal.”
emej, Chilliwack, BC


pros -easy & convenient -chemical heater -13 rations in one of my boxes -instant emergency food kit
hankscorpio, sarnia


“These MRE’s are now the backbone of my emergency survival kit. The variety is great and I no longer have to worry about rotating food on a regular basis. I am extremely pleased with the product.”
geppetto, Vancouver, BC


“Bought a case and tried it out with some friends and family. We were all pleasantly surprised. Each case has 12 kits and have their own single-use flameless heat pack (and they really do produce a lot of heat). The heat is activated by adding a little water to the pouch. It was a little unclear how to effectively heat the entree and side dish at the same time since the heating pouch wasn’t big enough for 2 food packs. It seems like the best thing to do is sandwich the food packs with the heater with the side dish on the outside of the heating pack. The heating packs do stay hot for a long time so you can heat them in sequence but the length of time does vary depending on the technique (I think adequate water has to contact each of the 4 pouches but you’re not supposed to use too much water). Water Required You’ll need about 40ml to activate each heating pack, hot water for the instant coffee, and a cup of water for each of the drink mixes. I think these are good enough for impromptu picnics with loved ones if you get passed the military packaging :)”
KCofBC, Vancouver, BC

“I will order another two boxes very soon, the first box was a trial to see if the heaters were included and they were. They work very very well. Tasty and salty – sweet variety. Good for remote locations like fishing, off road situations and emergencies.”
busman,British Columbia, Canada


“I have used them for camping and they work great, very filling. I put the food packets right into the heating bag as compared to wrapping the heating bag around the food bags. But be careful! I burned my fingers and 2 weeks later they are still healing. Use gloves. Be sure to break up all the food product before you heat it so you can spoon it out of the pouch. And after heating grab food pouch at top and shake so all product settles to bottom of bag before opening. There are a lots of videos on how to prepare MREs on the common internet video site, very helpful.”
cookrw,Edmonton, AB


“Just received my two kits and they came within two days of ordering…great delivery service! I purchased them as they will go in our emergency earthquake kit (being from the west coast of Canada) and will feed both of us for 7 days, which is what we require. Haven’t opened the box but I’m taking everyone else’s comments that these items are great tasting and easy to prepare. I really like the 5 year shelf life as well. Now I don’t have to shop for bulky canned foods, plates, can openers, etc. These boxes make preparing a personal earthquake kit very easy! Thank you Costco!”
buddy,Vancouver Island, BC


“I’ve been trying to get MREs since my friend came back from Meal Kit Supply MREs are kid-approvedAfghanistan and told me they were amazing. I was skeptical but when I tried them I was really impressed. Delivery was great they arrived in maybe 2 days after ordering, so right off the bat I was impressed. There is a ton of different menu items in the case (I don’t think a single lunch or dinner is in twice), although some of the desserts and side dishes repeat. Every meal comes with everything you need, it really is cool – you get a main course, second course, bread, dessert, spoon, wetnap, salt sugar pepper instant coffee hot chocolate Gatoraide mix it is awesome. I can see why the soldiers love these things they really are an entire meal in a bag. The ration heater that comes with each meal it pretty awesome- it is some kind of chemical heater that you add a little water to and it gets super hot and will heat the food up, so you can have a hot meal in the middle of nowhere (like on the lake!). I can see why people buy these things for emergencies because it is a week’s worth of food and a way to heat it with a crazy shelf life. Problem is they are so good you’ll probably end up taking them fishing like we did and need more !”
costcoshopper2,Orillia, ON


“We used to hunt for these to replace our Canadian military rations (IMPs) when I was in Afghanistan. They taste fantastic and there are tons of varieties of meals. They have heater bags to heat the meals using only water and the spoon doesn’t break like the cheaper Canadian IMPs. Some have delicious Skittles, jalapeno cheese, and Tobasco pepper sauce. Great all’round meal that’s… well… ready to eat!”
JoeLikesMREs,Ottawa, ON


“I tried this product out on a recent camping trip and all agreed that the food was excellent. The product is incredibly easy to use and provides nutritional, hot food with minimum prep and very little clean up. It’s great to have in the car for long road trips, for camping and canoe tripping as well as for emergency preparedness.”
campmom,Alliston, ON