The Best Foods To Stock For Hurricane Season

The Best Foods To Stock For Hurricane Season

Best Foods For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in the Atlantic runs from June 1st through November 30th. During that time, it’s important to have an emergency supply of food, water, and other essentials. Knowing what food to stock for hurricane preparedness will help ensure you are ready. Here are a few items you should add to your shopping list.

#1. Canned Meats

Canned meats such as tuna, chicken, and salmon will provide you with lots of lean protein. They are also easy to include as part of a bigger meal or eaten alone with crackers as a snack. Many canned meats also taste great cold, which is important if you do not have any power to cook with. You’ll even find a variety of canned meats that make perfect entrees such as roast beef, pulled pork, or smoked sausage.

#2. Energy or Granola Bars

It’s always a good idea to have a few energy or granola bars on hand. These bars will provide you with much-needed energy at a time when you are likely to need it. Throw a few in your bugout bag or vehicle so that if you need to evacuate, you will already be prepared.

#3. Canned Beans

Beans are loaded with fiber, meaning they will help you feel full and satisfied. This is important anytime food is scarce as being hungry can definitely affect your morale. The high fiber content will also assist you with being “regular”-something many people struggle with during stressful situations.

#4. Peanut or other Nut Butters

Peanut, almond, or cashew butter all make great sandwiches, or you could also use them on apples or bananas for a delicious snack. Nut butters provide energy and protein in addition to healthy fats that will help you stay mentally alert.

#5. Powdered Milk

Since refrigeration could be an issue, powdered milk is always a great option for any pantry. With powdered milk, you can make only what you need for drinking or cooking and will never have to worry about spoiling. In addition, powdered milk has a very long shelf life. What you don’t use this year will likely still be good next hurricane season as well.

#6. Juices, Electrolytes, and Bottled Water

Ensure you have at least a 3-days’ supply of bottled water on hand for each person in your household. Aside from buying water, you should also lay in some bottled juices and electrolytes such as sports drinks. Bottled juices will give you some variety in your hydration scheme, while sports drinks will help replace depleted electrolytes and could prove invaluable if someone comes down with a case of diarrhea.

#7. Canned Fruit and Vegetables

Immediately following a hurricane, you may not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Even so, you still need the vitamins and minerals they provide. The only way to get them in most cases is by consuming canned fruits or vegetables. Canned fruits are a wonderful alternative breakfast, and vegetables can be used along with canned meats in order to round out a meal.

#8. Soups

A can of soup can easily be a meal in itself. Dry soups are also easy to prepare, even when there is no power. All you need to do is boil some water, which you can easily do on a charcoal grill, camp stove, or fire pit. Dry soups can also be added to canned meats such as roast beef or spam to give them a little added flavor.

#9. Crackers

You’ll find an endless number of uses for crackers. Eat them along with canned tuna or chicken for a light lunch, or spread with peanut butter if you do not have any bread. Club or wheat crackers could be eaten alone as a snack, or you could crumble a few saltines up to place in your soup. It’s best to have a few different varieties on hand and check the expiration dates often to ensure they do not go stale.

#10. Trail Mix/Dried Fruit

If you are looking for a delicious snack, you can’t go wrong with dried fruit or trail mix. Both are very filling, and will also provide you with some much-needed energy. Enjoying some dried fruit or trail mix can also boost your mood, particularly if you include chocolate chips, yogurt-covered raisins, or other similar items in your stash.

#11. Protein Drinks and Shakes

You never know when you may need to move out in a hurry. As with protein bars, canned drinks and shakes will allow you to enjoy a full meal anytime, and are a great way to ward off hunger. Since they contain numerous vitamins and minerals, they are ideal for kids that are known to be picky eaters.

#12. Boxed “Bowls” of Cereal

Small, individual-sized “bowls” of cereal are great because they keep you from dirtying any dishes. Just pour in some of your powdered milk and you are all set. If you are looking for a sweet snack, you can also eat dry cereal directly from the package. Some cereals could even be added to dried fruit to make your own unique trail mix.

#13. Honey

Honey is a delicious sweetener that you can use in place of traditional sugar. Use it on cereal, fruit, or even on pancakes as an alternative to syrup. A teaspoon of raw honey will also provide you with instant energy, making it perfect to enjoy during that afternoon slump. Best of all, raw honey never expires. This is truly one food to stock for hurricane season both now and in the future.

#14. Apple Cider Vinegar

As an emergency food, raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider has many uses in the kitchen. For example, you can use it in making salad dressings and marinades. However, following a hurricane you are more likely to need this pantry item for medicinal uses. It’s a powerful disinfectant that can be used for cleaning or washing fruits and vegetables. Place a few drops in a glass of water, and it will also help speed digestion, promote a healthy immune system, fight acid reflux, and eliminate gassiness and bloating.

#15. MREs

There’s only one way to guarantee yourself a hot meal, and that is by having lots of MREs on hand. As a food prep for hurricane, quality MREs contain everything you need, including an entrée, bread or cracker, side dish, desert, and beverage drink. Many MREs also come with their own ration heater, silverware, and condiments. You’ll never have to worry about meal prep when you have several cartons of MREs on hand.

When performing food prep for hurricane season, be sure to include these items. Having this emergency food on hand is the best way to ensure you are ready for whatever nature throws at you. We are obviously partial towards Meal Kit Supply MREs, but think all MREs are a good idea when stocking up for Hurricane Season.

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